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Asylum, Withholding, and Convention Against Torture

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How it works?

Verify your eligibility

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Our Attorneys created this secure Eligibility Check Tool to verify eligibility for DACA Renewal

  • Answer a few questions and obtain a Free instant answer with an explanation of the law
  • No information is requested and no paywall - everyone obtains a Free Answer and Legal Explanation
  • Self-Help begins only if you choose to proceed after checking your eligibility
  • The technology behind Immigration Self-Check and Self-Help tools, is proprietary – and organizes all questions, forms, and instructions regarding DACA Renewal found freely at
  • No attorney-client relationship is established using Immigration Self-Check and Self-Help tools.

Create your secure account

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Create your secure account

  • Privacy is paramount
  • All data is encrypted
  • Self-Help account is your portal to access all previous submissions
  • Invite others to access your account with a secure link

Complete the step-by-step process

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Attorney designed process

  • Respond to questions with your information
  • No repeated questions
  • Review all responses prior to completion
  • Attach necessary documents when requested
  • Paywall appears only once you are complete
  • Use a CODE for a discount
  • Download your complete submission packet
  • Follow instructions on where to sign, add filing fee, and ship

100% Free Asylum Declaration

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The Asylum Declaration is the single most important item for your asylum case and should be added to any Asylum Submission. It is considered evidence, as sworn testimony, and allows you to explain and connect all reasons and other evidences you may have in pursuit of your claim.

  • Answer all the questions in our Free Asylum Declaration tool and receive a completed declaration ready for use
  • No Pay Wall – this feature is 100% free
  • Our tool addresses issues Immigration Judges and Asylum Officers will need to know

Why Self-Help?

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Top 10 Reasons why Asylum Applicants fail to timely submit their submission packets and delay their Work Permits:

  • "The US Government told me to expect a court hearing notice (either it arrives delayed or has been canceled multiple times)"
  • "Non-profit organizations promised to help, I have limited resources and need help"
  • "Lawyers are not taking these types of cases, the few that are don’t have an appointment available"
  • "I was told I may be eligible for a different form of relief"
  • "I need a Work Permit so I can work and afford an attorney eventually"
  • "I was detained for a period of time and did not have access to help"
  • "I did not know there was a filing requirement to submit within 1 year upon arrival"
  • "I thought I already did or my attorney did, but I moved states"
  • "I thought I had to wait for court to do anything and did not know I could submit directly to USCIS to comply with filing"
  • "I don’t have the evidence I think I need to have before filing"
Why Self-Help?
100% Online
Attorney designed
Law Firm Supported
Asylum Submission Packet Online
  • 100% Free Asylum Declaration
  • Qualify for a Work Permit faster
  • Prepare your entire submission packet online
  • Prepared use for either USCIS filing for Court filing
  • Take control over your documents
  • Share access from your account to others who can assist
  • No delays in your packet preparation
  • Access to copies 24/7
  • Easy-to-follow instructions
  • Have a complete submission packet in your hand prior to arriving at US Border
  • Use Payment codes with participating non-profit organizations for significant additional discounts
Only $650
Attorney Representation for Asylum
  • Complicated Legal Agreements and varied scope of representations
  • Lawyer Representation includes formal G28 if filing with USCIS or E28 with Immigration courts
  • Lawyer time preparing, reviewing, and tracking
  • Lawyer availability for years while government processes claim
  • Attendance to court hearing or asylum interviews
  • Preparation for all questions and interviews
  • Legal strategy and jurisdictional issues
  • Legal briefing
  • Timely and properly completing court submissions
  • Legal advice in response to constant changes of immigration laws, policies, procedures, and more
  • Defend and respond against Government assigned attorneys
$3,500 – 15,000 averages